Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Actually...not so much! I just can never think of anything for a title. Anyways, the appraisal is done and all we have left is to sign papers and the boiler is getting tuned tomorrow morning. We are gonna go into town this afternoon to sign the papers to buy the land!! That is really exciting. The kids are finishing up school and I have some chores to finish up. The people buying the house are coming by this afternoon and Josh is coming over in about an hour to help Phil move some stuff to the apartment. We are gonna do some grocery shopping this afternoon too I think. I hope there's enough time in the day to get it all done. Oh, and Phil is taking me to a M.A.D.D. luncheon on Saturday. I think they may be giving him an award or something for all his D.U.I's. I'll let you know then if they did. Anyways, busy busy around here. I hope ya'll are doin' good. Behave yourselves girls!!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you both! I know what following God's will, will do for you! Good for you~ Love you all

Mrs.Lambert said...

try writing the title after youve written the post(:

blondevue... said...

Behave yourselves girls?
hahaha,,,what are you saying Jenn!? ;-) lol, just kidding! =)
Thats neat things are coming along so well. Hope you're feeling better this week!!