Thursday, October 22, 2009

Selling of the house...selling of the house....

So,, the septic passed with flying colors....the appraisal took maybe five minutes.....and we're closing as soon as the bank says we can....that should be in about ten days. I am working hard at getting things cleaned up and packed. We don't have too terribly much but as you can imagine with six people things tend to stack up. We have been moving as much as we can over to Jim and Kim's as time allows. I am hoping that soon it will all be done. Well, it will have to be!! :o)

The boys and I all have a cold and Phil's schedule is so messed up he probably will get it soon. His back has been bothering him a lot from different things and I am sure moving doesn't help. He says he's fine but I sure hope it doesn't get as bad as my dad's....which it shouldn't if he's good. Anyways, I thought a little update would be nice. We are VERY excited....OH!!!! Which reminds me....we found a piece of land that we put an offer in on. It is down the road from Travis and Laurel and right next to Brian. I will take pictures and post them if we end up getting it. It already has a driveway and hole big enough for the house we want to build. We are really excited about that! It is just under two acres. Anyways,,,,,hope you guys like hearing about all this stuff cause that's probably what we'll be talking about for awhile!!!


Mrs.Lambert said...

its about time you posted woman!(:

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about it. Very exciting stuff. Thanks for reminding me. I got to get to packing.