Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, first let me say that I am a goal oriented person....I know this but my sweet husband was oh so willing to remind me once again today. Our realtor's secretary called and said the bank lost a piece of paper.....not an important one....but important enough to start whatever they were working on over again!! YES!!! Can you believe that. I have no idea when we will sign on the house or close now. I get extremely upset and frustrated when things like this happen. Apparently, it's because I am a control sweet husband was on a roll today. Anyways, I am and know's just hard to swallow sometimes since I know it's not a character trait I want to keep. The LORD just always finds a way to let me know I'm SO NOT in control. Anyways, a discouragement but one that I can learn from. Anyways, I sure wish I could handle it better!! Just pray that it will all come together soon so that nothing even worse happens. Like the people back out or something!! Thank you!!


blondevue... said...

Hi girlie,
Everything will work out for them that love Him... :)
I paraprased that one, but you remember the verse.
God is in control chick, and your right, its hard,,but you can get thru this, practicing patience too. :)
Love Ya!!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying really hard for you through all this. I know how hard this house stuff is. Love you girl!

Mrs.Lambert said...

calm down jenn ...your ulsers are gonna get worse...(:

i know its frustrating,but it could be much worse...just ask mom...i hope your doin ok,just take your frustrations out on your treadmill...(: im here for ya all you have to do is pick up the phone

Grammie Kim said...

Just remember, that no matter what happens, you have your God, your family, and your church family. That is the most important; frustrations are unavoidable with the selling of a house, but we are all still here. :o)