Friday, November 6, 2009


I got up late again!! ARG!!! I am working so hard at getting up early. I have a new plan and if you plan on commenting it had better be positive! Joking! Anyways, I am going to try a new plan this next goes.....4:00 a.m. get up...this is when Phil gets home. I am wanting to do more blogging and get my computer stuff done in the morning before everyone is up. I am going to workout and shower and do my devotions from four to seven. Then I am going to get the kids up and get them breakfast and get our school done. They do their chores when they are done and then we have lunch and nap time for the littlest boys. I know it sounds crazy to get up that early but it will give me more time to do the things I never seem to have time for during the day. I will be able to get to bed earlier too. I am going to hit the hay about an hour after the boys go to bed. That will put me to bed earlier and I will still be able to do my sewing in the evening after they are asleep. Like I said...I may have to tweak my schedule some after trying this. We'll see how it goes. I am working on a new plan for menu's too!

Have you ever heard of Once a Month Cooking. It's where you spend one day for about 8-10 hours in the kitchen cooking all of your meals for the next month. I am working on a plan to start for the New Year. I was wondering if any of you Mom's were interested. From what I have researched it cuts your grocery bill in almost half and saves you tons of time throughout the month. If you are interested let me know! Leave a comment and we'll try to coordinate. I will probably hold a cooking day at my apartment in January for those who are interested to do it with me. Anyways, have a great weekend. Gotta run for our daily game of UNO!!!


aksunflower said...

I am oh so interested. Sad we are so far apart! I love once a month cooking. I did it for a while when the girls were little.

Mrs.Lambert said...

your insane dude

Anonymous said...

I am interesed in learning about for when I start to stay home. I would love to cut my grocerie bill. Types are welcomed.
Love you girl and all you got going on!

blondevue... said...

I like the new schedule :) Maybe if you're up at 4 you can visit with Phil when he gets home.
Just means early to bed!! :D
Natasha was up with a headache :( when I got up this morning. On the positive side it was great to visit with her.
Still hoping maybe you guys can come this winter sometime!
Take care and have a great Monday!
Love, Tori
PS. How is the schedule going to work on days that Phil is off work?
Do you get to sleep in?! :)

Happy Girl said...

4AM would seem pretty crazy for the average person but it sounds pretty logical because of Phill's schedule and everything. Go you for trying though! =) Just make sure you actually go to be after the boys do. ;-)

Grammie Kim said...

Jenn, if I am available, I will try the month cooking with you. I have two ovens right downstairs! :o)
We started talking about this the other day, and I probably de-railed your conversation with some long wordy rabbit trail...let me know when you want to get together to plan...
Mom McB