Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls Night Out!!

Ang, Tori and I went to Chena Hot Springs last night!! It was SO much fun. Ang and Tori were planning to go out and Josh volunteered to watch the boys so I could go!! That was SOOOOO sweet of him. They are a handful by the way. We didn't get out there til' after ten but it was a very fun two hours with the girls. I got to visit with Ang on the way out and Tori and Ang on the way back. It was really nice. So, here's a few pictures at about one in the morning on the drive home!! We dropped Tori off to get her car at her Grandparents. Oh, Ang and Tori,,,,,I didn't post the horrible ones!!!


Mrs.Lambert said...

its not fair that you two looked so beautiful straight out of the shower and i look like an ugg. its a cruel world.but it was fun and im glad my beautiful freinds love me despite my scary hair and lack of makeup(:

blondevue... said...

This is crazyness my dear, WHY didn't you put up the other pictures of you and Ang? If my in need of mascara picture has to be up on the www so should your guys!

Ahh man it was a really good time to get to visit with you ladies. Have missed you both alot, thankful for our time together. Looking forward to seeing you all at the shower tonight.

Have a blessed day friends,