Friday, June 18, 2010

House Building Part 2

So, they poured our concrete today!! YAY!!! It looks SO cool!! I was bummed I forgot to ask Dad to take pictures for me while they were actually pouring! Dad said the truck was huge and it was really neat to watch the guy pour it! Anyways, oh well, we are going to let this sit for a week to harden really well before we start putting the walls up! I am SO excited because I am going to get to help with the framing some!! So, just keeping everyone updated on the building!! It is a HUGE part of our life this year!


sourlemon said...

I wish I had done this with our building. You won't regret it. Congrats on the concrete!

Happy Girl said...

Wow! It brings back so many memories!!! I'm really excited for you guys. =D