Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sappy? You've come to the right place.....

This is for all the girls out there who are as sappy as me. I tell you having kids has only made it wors. I CRY ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!! I am sooooo tired of being a girl sometimes. I would LOVE to just get angry and beat a punching bag to DEATH rather than sit and cry about every little thing. Today is one of those days.....actually i've been having one of those days for a couple days. I can't believe it....and there's nothing wrong with far as girl stuff, you know?? I feel like I sometimes need to go to a toughness boot camp. I don't know what the Lord was thinking when he gave me all these emotions.

I was sitting here this morning...minding my own businesss...RIGHT...looking at Bek's blog.....WHAT A MISTAKE!!! I am sooooo jealous that Josh and Ang are going to be there in less than a week. I want to see my family. Then...again...minding my own business.....I open my big fat mouth. I tell you some days I wish I was a mute. It would literally probably solve all of my problems. Then again there is sign language....I would still be in trouble all the time. Anyways, I am determined to keep my nose in my own business and to stop telling other people mine. I won't go into details but you probably all understand or have been there.

On a good note....all the crying has made me much calmer and I feel a little bit better. But everyone knows, after you cry a lot you just want to lay in bed all day with a bowl of ice cream, some m&m's, chocolate, chocolate, and did I mention chocolate? Needless to say, I am tired today. Somedays just ready to give up knowing that I never will or can because it would only make for a bigger disaster. I am going to get serious right now......but, if i've learned anything being married and having's that the wife/mom can NOT at any time or in any situation get selfish. The minute you do everything turns into chaos. I will admit.....I am human and I do that very thing. I think you feel like silly putty being pulled in every direction and sometimes you break. Then...if you're sit down one day( after threatening the kids NOT to disturb you for ten minutes) and you read the far above rubies your mom sent you and the first thing you read is EXACTLY what you need to hear. So, you cry and feel like dirt, knowing that once again you've come to that point that you're at your lowest, and you pray asking the Lord to take every selfish bone from your body. You know what, He doesn't do that, but He does help you overcome it through lots of prayer, practice, and time in His word. So, even though this sounds like someones sappy story...sorry....the Lord worked in my heart and my life and I just wanted you all to know that....even though you may all be struggling...maybe the Lord has the perfect person, article, or passage in His word to help you through it. He will never leave us nor forsake us. So have a great big happy sappy day. Just like me....Sprout


Kass said...

Jenn, you're so cute. That last part of that was so encouraging. I'm kind of having one of those melancholy days. It's not a bad day, just kind of reflective. It is really hard when you're struggling through some stuff, and it is nice when the Lord provides us with something or someone that just helps. So, I want you to know, that you are that person that the Lord had for me today, to give me a little encouragement to keep trusting, and keep obeying. Thank-you for your post. :o)
Love, Kassandra

heather_for_dummies said...

jenn, jenn, jenn...
like ANY of us EVER have crying jags... =o) of course we never do..
especially me. =o)

can you send me some of the ADORABLE pictures of the boys? specifically the one of davy in the (orange?) shirt, that was so good, and whoever has the santa hat over their eyes? email is fine. please?

love you girlie.