Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Thinking......Thursday!

I know this is early but I was bored and thought I would post something early. Do you all remember the saying in an old song saying " You don't know what ya got til' it's gone"? Well, whenever Phil is gone for any period of time it gets me to thinking what life would be like without him. I'm telling you right now....I WOULD NOT enjoy it. I'm so thankful for him and all that he does for me and the boys.

He is ALWAYS working hard to provide for us physically and spiritually. He ALWAYS makes me laugh....even if I don't feel like it. He's quite the character ya know. He makes me feel beautiful and important. He plays with the boys and teaches them even while their little how to be men. It's important for little boys to have a Daddy who cares about them, and loves them, and is there to teach them. I know I couldn't raise these boys on my own and them turn out like they should without Phil. Anyone that knows Phil well, knows that he isn't the type to hear you miss him or take a complement well. He is VERY humble and expects me ( his wife) to be independent and in charge of things.

If you have ever read the Created To Be His Helpmeet would know there are three types of men she talks about. One is Mr. Command Man, Mr. Visionary Man, and Mr. Consistent. Mine is Mr. Command Man. He wants a wife that is self-sufficient to a degree and can take care of things when he is away. Who doesn't complain. Now, I have an issue with being a little too dependent on Phil and not on the LORD. I am reminded of that often. I also have an issue with complaining, which I am working on.

So, I guess I said all this just to say that. I would NOT do well without a husband. I think it's good and bad to be away from each other for any given amount of time. Good in that, it makes you appreciate that person more and all they do for you. For that close companionship two people share in a life together with the same goals. Bad in that, well, I can't really think of too many bad things. If the separation is agreed upon.

I look forward to Phil coming home, to holding him close and getting to spend time with him each day. It makes my days more wonderful. It makes me feel like a teenager again when I wait for each phone call or each e-mail. I get that giddy feeling when I think of what I will wear to pick him up from the airport. What special meal I will make for dinner that night. So, that being we wait for the LORD to come home? Do we spend time with Him each day? Does it make your day more wonderful? Does it make you happy and make you feel young again? Well, I have does me! I can love my husband more than a lot of things but NOT the LORD. He is my first love and I need to live my life to serve Him. Only then, will my love for my husband and children be the right kind of love!

Just a few thoughts from me! I hope this is challenging for you as it was me!


Anonymous said...

Very good post. And so true. I have never looked at my love for my husband or my Love for the Lord like that. Thank you!

blondevue... said...

Wow Jenn thank you that was really good. Thank you for posting your thoughts and the application too.