Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday....or WIW Wednesday?

I haven't decided yet.....I might do the What I Wore Wednesday from now on but for today it is Wacky Wednesday. David was up with a fever last night and has been coughing all day. He is feeling pretty bad and laying down. Doesn't want to eat or play. So I know he's sick. We probably won't make it to church tonight, which I absolutely hate! I don't like missing church. So, for today that's our Wackiness. Not much else going on......I am staining a door everyday and trying to finish them up before Phil gets home in two weeks. Other than that.....just paying bills and taking care of kiddos.

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blondevue... said...

Awe poor David! Hope he feels better soon and that you all don't get it too.