Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working Out Wednesday!

So, I didn't post yesterday because I was EXHAUSTED! I went to the house and cleaned the floors for the carpet people.....hopefully they call and tell me they're installing it soon! Then I came home and worked out, took a shower, and made dinner. After that....I was DONE! Not really, I ended up cleaning the bathroom and talking to my hubby on the phone for awhile.

I didn't get enough sleep again last night. Reuben is killing me!!! He woke up at ten and cried for a LONG time. He has croup real bad so I don't want him to keep fussing. We went outside for awhile. I finally just laid him in his bed and told him to stop screaming or he was gonna be in trouble. It seems as though ( when they get sick) they get into a habit of waking you up and wanting to be held when they don't really need it! So, needless to say I didn't get up at six this morning ( since I had just laid back down at five thirty) and ended up getting up at seven thirty. That's when Reuben fell out of the bed and wacked his head. I was in the living room chair at this point. I got up and got changed and went down stairs to run on the treadmill. I was a little cranky. I told the boys I would be back in thirty minutes, so Jonny fed them breakfast, while Mommy had a little melt down. My first since Phil was the lack of sleep.

I came back up and talked on the phone with Natasha for awhile. That was after I finally got back into my house....the door lock won't UNLOCK! So, the kids let me back in and I chatted with her and then I took a shower. I ate some breakfast and worked on Math with Jonathan and David. They have a hard time with Math for some reason.......they get it from their Mom. So, I am drinking my coffee and checking out blogs. I am going to work on staining doors a little later and get dinner ready. We will be going to church tonight so we're all excited about that! I can't wait for Phil to get home!!!!! 6 more days!


blondevue... said...

It sounds like the boys are like me when they are sick. I want to be held. I don't blame the poor little guys for wanting there Mamma to hold them when they are sick. And yeah, probably all night! Poor Mom, but you'll make it thru! :)
Nice that Jonathan is getting old enough to feed them breakfast and help. I'm sure that helps alot!
Have a great day girl!

Anonymous said...

Your such a great mommy. Hang in there 6 days will fly by.. Love you!