Thursday, February 10, 2011


I wanted to write today about all the things I'm thankful for! An idea from a friend! So here goes, I'm SO thankful for forgiveness.....the LORD is good! I'm thankful for my hubby.....he works SO hard all the time.....I should treat him better. I'm thankful for my rowdy, dirty, smelly, hilarious, sweet, and rotten at the same time boys! They are SO much fun! Thankful for friends, old and new, who are always there for me(even if we don't talk very often)!!! The list could go on forever but it is so refreshing to sit down and think about the things you have and how we should be thankful in all things.

This is a VERY difficult lesson to teach to little kids. I think they are coming around but you never know! So, just a short list for today but it's all I had time for!


blondevue... said...

What a awesome post!!! "dirty, smelly great boys you have" and all of your thankfullness. I am really glad you posted on this :) Love you Jenn, wish we talked more too!!!

Anonymous said...

Love you! Your so sweet!