Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 4

We are on day four and already I can't believe how well the LORD provides. He has blessed our lives so very much and I continue to pray He will guide us through this new journey. The boys finished their school this afternoon and we enjoyed some light lunch. They went out to play for awhile and I am working on what we will study next in our daily devotions. I am not nearly as smart as Phil is when it comes to explaining things so I may have to study more than usual. It will be good for me.

We are working on slowly getting things packed and I will be cleaning more than usual too I'm afraid. It is easier to do as you go though and the last thing I want is to have to do it all at once at the end. I enjoy cleaning so it won't be that bad. It will keep me busy and somewhat distracted. I am trying to squeeze in time to workout also so that will help with the stress relief and also give me the physical benefits of being healthy.

I told the boys I would fix pancakes, eggs, and bacon for dinner and they seem excited that I am cooking for them everyday. I enjoy that they are happy with the very little I seem to be doing for them. They are taking good care of me.


Anonymous said...

I love these updates. What good boys you have Jenn!

Grammie Kim said...

You will thank yourself over and over later if you do the cleaning as you sort and pack. :)

I am also very happy that the boys are happy with little things. It is how you and Phil trained them. There is great benefit in teaching your babies to be satisfied. Love!