Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 5

Well, my day coulda started out better but oh well. Reuben was up ALL night....and when I say ALL night I'm NOT exaggerating. He cried and whined on and off every hour the entire night. He fell on Monday and his pinkie finger went under his hand and he landed on his knuckle. He didn't complain at all on Monday but didn't sleep well Monday night either. He was up about five different times. Last night at dinner the boys and I noticed it was REALLY swollen, hot, and red. I figured I would see if it was better this morning and then take him in if it wasn't. Well, after the night I had I was convinced it was broken. Thankfully it wasn't but I hate going to the Dr.'s none the less.

We got home after awhile and had some lunch and started working on school. I made some chocolate chip cookies and laid Roo down for a nap. I am pretty much past my super sleepy stage so I am just going to finish up school with the boys and get my workout done. I did it last night and I am SUPER sore today already. It will be good to get it in again and I won't be so sore or tired. We have church tonight so that will help. I am sure most of you know by now that we got word from the Chaplain at Ft. Lewis that the platoon Phil is assigned to is set to deploy March or April. That was quite the shocker but we knew it was a possibility and I am just thankful that I knew way ahead of time. It would be harder if I hadn't known.

So, we are praying for the LORD's guidance in and through it all. Thank you for your prayers and for the great encouragement every one has been to me. That's all for my day today!


Grammie Kim said...

Roo: :o(

Phil: :o(

Jenn: :o) Great job mom! You are doing great. One more day down. Hope you can get better rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

Where is he being deployed to? I am praying. I just had a best friend and a cousin come home this year.

Ya'll in my prayers.

Anonymous said...